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A Passion for the Sea
I am an amateur historian and professional tour guide of twenty years standing. My passion for the sea began when , as a ten year old English boy, the family migrated to the other side of the world to start a new life in Australia. Read about the greatest adventure of my life which included three weeks in the Indian Ocean enroute to Australia on a steamship. I am in awe of those whose journeys took at least three months under sail.
Countless shipwrecks have occurred off the Australian coast during our short European  history. Prompted by the lure of gold and the promise of a new life, men and women travelled across the globe in ships, some of which were barely seaworthy. Most completed their journeys, but many foundered and some disappeared without trace. Of those that survived, their tales have been told and retold through diarised records and family memories passed down through generations. For those who didn't survive, hearsay and anecdotes must sufffice along with whatever the sea chooses to reveal.
One of the most famous wrecks along the Victorian coastline was that of the Loch Ard on June 1st 1878. In t year I had the privilege of escorting  Bill Dormer, a great grandson of the only surviving crew member of the ship, down to Port Campbell near the wreck site. Courtesy of Port Campbell Charter Boats(phillipyounnis@bigpond.com) we were able to visit the gorge and enjoy a sailor's eye view of the fragile coastline at Port Campbell National Park. Read about our trip. http://www.helium.com/items/1784450-loch-ard-great-ocean-road-glenample-shipwreck.  
My Mission 
This website has been created to assist with your historical and genealogical research.  My resources include a comprehensive home library, access to electronic local state and National library records and a few years of personal research. This information has cost me nothing and will cost you the same. Please write to lensherrott@hotmail.com or leave a message in the guest book if I can help. 
Additionally, please browse the pages introducing available publications. Don Charlwood AM has written numerous books, some of which can be ordered from my website. Mr Charlwood spent many years footslogging and painstakingly researching maritime history. His meticulous attention to accuracy and detail is evident on every page of his literary works.
The other purpose of this website is to source offline those books that may or may not still be in print. If you are having trouble finding that elusive publication, drop me a line.
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I'd like to publicly thank a few individuals for their continued support with this ongoing project. Mr Don Charlwood AM and his daughter Mrs Doreen Burge and family at Burgwood Books. They are a perpetual wealth of information. Mr Richard Townshend, a great grandson of Eveline Townshend, nee Carmichael, with whom I skype and exchange emails regularly and with whom I share a common dedication in preserving the memory of the Loch Ard(mrs7979@hotmail.com). Similarly, Mrs Pam Dormer, grand daughter of Tom Pearce shares our interest and the email trail. Her son Bill Dormer with whom I visited Glenample for the first time in 2010.
Special mention must be made to Phillip Younis at Port Campbell Boat Charter for generously guiding us along the coastline and into the gorge,his brother Peter at Heytesbury District Historical Society and the management at Flagstaff Hill Warrnambool who warmly welcomed us and treated us to dinner and the Sound and Lights show. A visit to the village is a must. Do take the time to find Dr Ron Sproston whose depth of research into the Loch Ard is mind boggling. Last but not least, I acknowledge the encouragement of  my colleague Steve Brazil and his wife Jo at the Bakery Cottage Book Shop  treasure trove in Warrandyte Victoria which is only a 906 bus ride from the city of Melbourne.     
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