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The Loch Ard Story on cd.
In 1978 Don Charlwood A.M. addressed a large gathering at Loch Ard Gorge during the commemoration marking the centenary of the sinking of the iron clipper that gave the gorge its name. His dialogue detailed the tragic story of the shipwreck which incurred the loss of fifty two lives, sixteen of them being passengers of which seven were members of the Carmichael family from Dublin, Ireland. The sole surviving passenger, Eveline Carmichael was rescued by midshipman Tom Pearce, the only crew member not devoured by the sea. Popular consensus had it that the two would marry. They did not. In fact, after leaving Melbourne Eva Carmichael never met her saviour again. As soon as she was well enough to travel she returned to Ireland in the latter part of 1878 on the steamer 'Tanjore' and in due course married Thomas Achilles Townshend of County Cork. The narration on this cd is a reproduction of the original audio tape by Don Charlwood. It is a memorial to those who paid the ultimate price at sea and a celebration of the thousands who successfully ventured around the globe, many leaving families and friends behind to start a new life in Australia.
'The Story of the Loch Ard' read by Jack Stringer, is complemented with an adddress by Robert Townshend who recalls life with his formidable famous grandmother, Eveline Townshend nee Carmichael and stories told of his great Uncle William, Eva's brother who was not on the Loch Ard during that fateful voyage. The finale on the disc is a rendition of the ' Young Hero Schottische', written especially for the presentation ball in 1878, by Coleman Jacobs to honour Tom Pearce. A sample can be heard here of the performance by Matthew Arnold on violin and Jack Stringer on piano. I acknowledge too, the National Library of Australia, ref: nla.mus-an 10568204, for the source of the music manuscript.  
The cd retails at $14.95 AUD plus postage and is a must for tour guides and self guided tours to enhance an informative experience at Port Campbell National Park.
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